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Alexis Mayotte was born and raised in small town, Oregon. She grew up learning the arts from an inspiring family of painters, artists and musicians. Throughout her adolescence, her passion and perseverance was evident. She was involved in the young TAG program, was nominated into multiple Oregon Writer’s Festivals and was frequently found on the honor roll or student of the month.

In her senior year of high school, she discovered her passion for photography and graphic design through the yearbook committee. Through computer graphics, she was able to combine traditional art techniques she had learned growing up, but with the modern and quick execution of a computer. Technology and art melded flawlessly together and a new passion was ignited.

Alexis continued her education at Rogue Community College where she obtained her prerequisite courses for a Bachelor of Arts degree. She transferred to Southern New Hampshire University with Phi Theta Kappa recognition and continued her education online where she majored in Graphic Design & Media Arts and minored in Marketing.

With over 8 years of professional experience, her roles and knowledge gained have truly been diverse. From print to digital, conceptual designs to conditional logic, associate to leadership, corporate to start-ups, her career experiences have been anything but linear. Through this, she has gained valuable insight on the robust world of design, the importance of collaboration and that graphic design is not one thing, but all things.

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